Every hero has a beginning...

Image by Timothy Dykes

One of the biggest barriers to new players enjoying table-top role-playing games is the rules. Table-top games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder require, quite literally, a textbook to play. I have made a booklet here condensing some of DnD 5th edition's combat rules. This website however, covers a different set of rules: character creation.

Creating a new character can be a daunting, but nonetheless neccesary process. After all, if you dont have a character to play, you can't play a role-playing game. I have seen players not put any real thought into the character they create. This website is made to help both new and experienced players to create a memorable character. The following is the process I use to create characters:

  1. First, start with your character's race (or ancestry in pathfinder). This is usually the easiest starting choice for players. Many races come with lore behind it, along with social expectations. These may give further inspiration as to how your character might act around others.
  2. The next step is to select a background, and create a short backstory based on this background. This is your character's life before having chosen to become a adventurer. Some questions which may be answered here include family, your occupation in the past, and even little things like childhood fears. The most important aspect is a motivator for you to take on the adventurer's life.
  3. The final step is to pick your class, along with choices of equipment. your class represents your choice of career, and the cumulation of your character's backstory into what they are today.
Image by Jaime Spaniol

A few other tips which can help produce the best role-playing experience:

Examples of characters I have created myself for table-top RPGs. Hopefully some of these can be inspire your own creativity whether you are playing a role-playing game or looking to write characters.